About Wagic

Background & Reason for Establishment

Japanese music is extremely vast and diverse. However, there’s no place for people to enjoy this wonderful, cultural asset in their daily lives.

We hope to create a place centering around “wa” (和) where anyone can enjoy musical performances, songs, and dances by Japanese instruments.

In the midst of remarkable, technological advances, we are striving to “update” the world of hogaku(邦楽) and treasure the richness of heart and feelings of sensitivity which tend to be left behind.

Let’s work together and strive for a new future of hogaku!

“Let’s aim for a society where everyone can enjoy hogaku as a part of their daily lives!”

Background & Reason for Establishment


  • Online information provision
  • Providing a space for mutual exchange
  • Event planning/management (online and offline lectures, classes, workshops, concerts, etc.)

About This Website

Wagic works to provide information to all fans, interested parties, and those involved in the world of hogaku. Additionally, we hope to provide an open space that not only features information from Wagic itself, but allows for users to share and obtain information among themselves.

About Wagic’s Name & Logo


The name “Wagic” stems from our aim to be the central point (-jiku) for people involved in the world of wagakki(Japanese instruments-和楽器) and Japanese (-wa) music. We hope to make the world of hogaku more fun, convey its wonderfulness to more people, and cast a little “Magic”!

The Wagic logo uses the “W” from Wagic and the inverted character “M” from Magic as a motif. With the image of an infinity symbol (∞), this logo expresses the hope that Wagic will continue on for all eternity.

Additionally, with the use of gradation from Japan’s traditional purple to a pale red, an image of connecting traditions and the future is illustrated.